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[21 Jan 2005|06:19pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

Hehehe... I just noticed the "officer liz sucks" on the interests! Double thumbs up!!!! (It made me smile and remember DARE). Alright - let's keep the posts alive guys!!!!!!

I was in Ledyard last night, by the way! :)

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LEDYARD??? [18 Jan 2005|11:15pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I was perusing through some places and on Em's user info, I saw that she was a member of the Ledyard community.. Ledyard??? And I thought to myself, "Awesome, I need to join it..." I miss Ledyard when I'm at school (in RI - one state away and I miss it - what a loser!!!)

Well, we need to get people to join this blazin community! hahaha... There's enough Ledyard people to get it up and running for real - but anyway I don't know what else I'm supposed to say...? Is this for Ledyard events and junk or just general stuff??

Cowtown Forever!


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[24 Sep 2004|09:13pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

I can't believe this... a Ledyard community.*laughs* Wow.. *smiles* I lived in Ledyard my whole life,but now I live in FL. *laughs* I went to Gallup Hill, which I hear I shouldn't say that I came from there.

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Brumph. [07 Sep 2004|05:38pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

New layout, temporary icon, quick bio.

But for some reason, despite being the community blog for Ledyard, the fuckers at LJ have us as being in Gales Ferry.

Not even the same fucking town jackasses.

Fuckin' LJ Crew.

Fuckin' Gales Ferryians.

Promote this community though amognst people on your lists who are from Ledyard.

Noone from Gales Ferry allowed. And now that I'm a moderator, I can do that.

Fuckin' Gales Ferryians.

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[13 Aug 2004|09:23pm]

[ mood | burned out ]

Man this community is dead. We should get Hoffner a blog.

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hey ledyardians [09 Jul 2004|05:19pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

hello my fellow ledyard people...JOIN!! this is a good time...wOOt to ledyard....what? no no no...ledyard's people...there we go. yay kk for making this, yay for my ledyardians whom i will miss a lot next year...adn wOOt for my license...and i'm spent


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[09 Jul 2004|11:07am]

[ mood | energetic ]

hey guys!  i realize that i may be living in freakin lancrapster new york, but i will still always be a ledyard freak.  i miss everyone with a flaming passion so i made a community for us.  woot.  (me = lots of free time) anyways, if you are from ledyard post whatever you want....but be nice!  i like to hear from everyone and keep in touch.  woot.  anywho...rock out guys.  peace, katie m

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